Panel en IPRA – Conferencia 14 (2015 Antwerp)

Compartimos la participación del Programa EDICE, representado por la Dra. María Bernal (Universidad de Estocolmo), en el panel «Face Revisited: A Valid Concept for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity?» durante la Conferencia 14 de la IPRA en Antwerp (2015). El panel se conforma también por los doctores Thomas Johnen, Bernd Meyer y Ulrike Schröder. Quienes deseen participar como expositores en el panel, pueden enviar sus resúmenes a antes del 15 de septiembre.

Transcribimos a continuación, en inglés, la presentación de este panel.

14th IPRA conference 2015 (Antwerp, Belgium, July, 26th – 31st, 2015)

(María Bernal, Thomas Johnen, Bernd Meyer & Ulrike Schröder)

60 years after Goffman’s first article on face-work (Goffman 1955), the concept of face has been widely applied in pragmatics. One of its most prominent further developments can be observed within the field of Brown and Levinson’s politeness theory (Brown / Levinson 1978 and 1987), in which the sub-concepts of positive and negative face as well as face-threatening acts (FTAs) are elaborated as having a universal impact. However, scholars from different backgrounds have challenged the universality claim as well as the applicability of the FTA’s classification in real world interactions: Matsumoto (1988) from a Japanese, Gu (1990) and Mao (1994) from a Chinese, and Nwoye (1992) from an Igbo point of view, de Kadt (1998) and Grainger / Mills / Sibanda (2010) with regard to Southern African languages, and Schröder (2014) with respect to German-Brazilian intercultural interactions, to cite only some examples.

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