TEP-Vol 5 No 2 (2019): Sexist verbal behaviour and sociocultural face in Argentina and Mexico

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Presentación del número Diana Bravo, Esperanza Alcaide Lara

Introduction Ariel Cordisco, María Eugenia Flores Treviño


A theoretical approach to the relationship between impoliteness and conflict, with some examples from the Spanish-speaking cultures Silvia Kaul de Marlangeon

The construction of face in Argentine women through the analysis of impolite reactions in social network sites Elizabeth Andrea Di Nardo

Sexism as an instrument for ideological division in a distribution list of an Argentine public university Cristina del Valle Núñez

Impoliteness and sexist behaviours reproduced by women in the River Plate culture Silvia Kaul de Marlangeon

Imaginaries, violence and sexism among Internet users within three Facebook news sites in Mexico Norma Patricia Sepúlveda Legorreta, María Eugenia Flores Treviño

Facework activities in the sexist expression of symbolic violence and impoliteness Gabriel Ignacio Verduzco Arguelles, Eduardo Ruiz Pérez, Stella Maris Rodríguez Tapia

Violence, objectification and discursive sexism in Mexican band songs. A sociopragmatic study María Eugenia Flores Treviño, Julio Hernández Maldonado